Mia » @Airis: we miss you too!! Uwi ka na ng Pinas!
airis » miss ko na kayong lahat!!!
ghe » Apir mula sa isang payaman!
Mia » Hi Fam! Thanks!
fam » napadaan at nakibasa
mimi » @Dustin: I am doing great! Where am I? Everywhere...
Dustin » Hey Mia! How are you? Where are you btw?
mimi » @dustin: the usual apps lang... hehe don't know where to download apps eh... hehe
Dustin » Mia! Naka e63 ka din pala. u got apps there? SInong umalis? At papunta saan? *echussera?*
mimi » @dustin: hahahaha how I wish na ako nga yun... lol
Dustin » Susmarya. Mimi. Akala ko si Mariah Carey.XD Chaross.
mimi » @dustin: ako toh (Mia = Mimi) it's a nickname my officemates gave me.. =)
Dustin » Hi Mimi! Uh, do I know you? @Mia: Hit me! )
mimi » buns, don't worry I am talking some time off... 1 month na kong naka-off... lol
Buns =D » Mimi, I know, pero you should take this time to rest din. Lalo ka na, kaw lage ngarag sa office eh, lahat ng tao ikaw binubulabog.
mimi » @buns: nakakamiss na ung mga ginagawa natin dati... hndi nakakatuwa ang tumambay... not good, not good AT ALL.
mimi » @Buns: wow! you visited my site... =) i miss you!!!! xoxo
Buns =D » Anyway, nalungkot ako. Na-miss na kita at yung iba sa kanila. =)
Buns =D » The things you said, are the exact things that made leaving so difficult. Now I miss everyone too. I used to have "alone time" or "emo time" as you call it before the shift, now I got lots of those.
Buns =D » Mimi: Just finished reading your stressful days entry. I didnt know what to feel. I knew its hard for you coz this was your life for the past 22 months.
mimi » @dustin: hey! have fun in Roxas.
Dustin » Hey Mia! That's good! Ako din eh, back to blogging, but with a vision now. Haha! Roxas is...cold right now. As in literal. I have a polo and sweater but still!
mimi » @ dustin: yup! I am back to blogging again... How's Roxas?
Dustin » hey mia! how are you?? so this blog is still active, which is cool!
mimi » i miss this website...
mia » ayeen:: how are you na??? waaaa
Ayeen » Ey Mia! I kept on visiting your blog. Thank God for new posts. Heehee.
AstroJunk » Happy New Year!
mia » lenny:: merry christmas!!!
lenny » hey mia!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
lenny » hey mia!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
mia » lenny:: HOLLA!!! ngkita kami ni dhang last october... hehe stay happy and healthy...
lenny » hey mia!!!!have you seen diane?nako!! i missed that girl ..hehe .. i miss you too .. =) goodluck sa work!
lenny » hey mia!!!!have you seen diane?nako!! i missed that girl ..hehe .. i miss you too .. =) goodluck sa work!
mia » ayeen:: hi yeen! thanks!!! you can do it... kaw pa.. regards kai Omar and Aine
Ayeen » Congrats Mia for making it that far! Whew, I wish I'd be able to do the same this time. I mean, stay in a company for six months. Ahahaha!
mia » fam:: kamusta?! salamat sa pagdaan at pagbasa..
fam » napadaan at nakibasa
mia » Ayeen:: thanks for dropping by... mishoo!!!
Ayeen » Ey Mia, good to know that you're happy with work. miss you
mia » EURY:: kwnto mo ulet sakin... heehee para updated naman ako... heehee mishoo.., mua!
mia » EURY:: di ko nareceive ung mga messages mo eh... waaa feeling ko dhil sa lapses ng globe lately...
Eury! » I'be also bumped into Sir Ron G. parang lately ang dami ko nakakabunggo,hehehe medyo chubby siya ngayon. His nice naman. kayo ano na kwento sa mga ninyo life?
Eury! » Hindi ka nag reply sa mga text ko about Big brother and everything... IS everything alright? Hay, life is getting complicated. And I also want to own an iPhone pero super ipon pa.
mia » bez eury:: waaaa! ngparamdam ka... heehee i mishoooooo... mua..
Eury! » Soon we will have all the time we need to update each other on each other's life! Nose bleeder ka na rin ngayon Mami Mia Bez!
mia » ayn:: hehe nosebleed nga.. dami kong kwento.. super maaaliw ka.. SWEAR! hahaha
mia » lologurl:: honga eh di pa tau nkikita.. dbale one of these days i'll drop by ur station.. aaaw!
Ayeen » Ace Coach! Shushal nga. Heehee.
Dustin » kaloka nga ang shift nio... pero aus yan dahil sa... NIGHT DIFF! Hindi pa tayo ulet nagkikita Liit liit ng TeleTech eh
mia » camille:: nyak! hahahaha loka ka.. hehe ingat ka lagi.. mua.
camille » WOW. Ang taray! Ace coach..paturo naman grammar jan..
mia » ayeen:: im working as an ace coach sa teletech.. its all about grammar and conversational english.. hehehe NOSEBLEED.. miss you.
mia » ayeen:: ya! its you who is having a baby shower na soon.. heehee
Ayeen » Hi MIA! Good for you! Congrats! What's the work, anyway? And....ako ba ung magppababy shower na tinutukoy mo? heehee. can't wait to see you all!
mia » CAMZ:: miss you friend.. so nice to hear from you again.. hehe
mia » CAMZ:: hi camilla! hahaha yep! its the ONE.. LOL
camille » MUMMY!
camille » hi mummy mia, wow finally! its the ONE.. Congrats!
camille » hi mummy mia, wow finally! its the ONE.. Congrats!
mia » ayn:: hehe
mia » AYN::
Ayeen » French language? Cool.
mia » FORG:: hay. onga eh.. its been a year... CONGRATS SA BATCH NYO!
mia » STAR:: holla! thanks for dropping by..
forg » bilis naman ng panahon, we are now the one next in lineje
Star » blog hoppin... ciao!
mia » AYN:: hay.. nakakasad.. pero we will prevail.
Ayeen » Aw, Mia, you know I feel the same way. Haay.
mia » AYN:: i feel ur anger.. LOL!
Ayeen » COMMENTED! (ang puso Ayeen, ang puso. Lol)
mia » oh look! an Oompa Loompa!!
mia » MOCK:: we'll visit my brother-in-law... still having doubts though.. hehe
mia » AYN:: ayos tlaga si manong.. LOL
Mock » bin busy and havent read anything. tsk. wats up with kenya?
Ayeen » Ahahahaha. Panalo si MANONG! APIR!
mia » ayeen:: hay.. kainis kasi ung ginagwa ko ngaun... hahahha
Ayeen » Haha! Why are you on strike?
mia » YN:: happy hearts day to you too.. feel the love!! =)
Ayeen » ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD, fo'you Mia! Happy Hearts Day!
mia » camille:: oh yess!! natural born performers... haha
camille » haha mummy. performer din ako. maybe bec. same tau month and yr. wahoo.!
mia » YN:: hehe positivity is the key to everything.. haha mishoo too..
mia » camille:: hehe pagbigyan mo na ko.. weird ako nung sinulat ko yan... hahaha thanks for believing..
Ayeen » vague? really. i wasn't able to catch up the whole meaning of ur recent entry...but i can feel it's something positive. mishoo.
camille » mummy. i didnt get what your trying to say in your last blog..believe in yourself. you have so many potentials.
mia » camille:: ahahaha i miss you too.. mua!
camille » hello mummy! haha my sister have the same planner! woot. but me I dont. that sucks. i miss you.!
mia » ayn:: I WILL.. hehehe u'll have ur planner narin soon..
Ayeen » wow. take a pic of lappy. and ako bitter pa rin, kasi la ako planner. hmp! hahaha!
mia » ayeen:: heehee i guess it has that certain effect on people.. hehe
Ayeen » THAT TESTIMONIAL made me smile too.
mia » AYN:: thanks yn.. more love for you.. haha
Ayeen » MIA - Happy New Year! I wish you luck, love and happiness. *imissyou*
mia » JEC:: sure.. i'll add ur site.. heehee happy new year to you too..
mia » MELA:: hi! thanks for dropping by.. link exchange?
jecoup » Happy New Year po. Link Exchange po tayo
mela » blog hopping!