Entry: Road to 30 Friday, October 07, 2016

It has been 21 months since I last blogged and I must admit I am having a hard time thinking of that I want to say. I guess, I have gone through a lot for the past 21 months, and I mean a lot. (haha!) A friend actually told me to write again. I think he’s right, I need an outlet. I need a place where I can vent out, where I can let it all out. No judgments, it’s just me.

If you have been reading my entries over the years, you’ll know that I am a woman who is always on a crossroad of sorts. Someone who is so emotional close to neurotic. Someone who is panicking because in 13 days I am turning 30! (pakshet!)

Being 30 is something that I am trying make sense of it, but my I guess, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. I still can’t believe that the time is drawing near and I am here I am single (AF). Darn. However, on a lighter note, I am not alone in my journey to adulthood and singlehood. I am going to make sure that someone is suffering with me. (lol!) I have noticed that women nowadays are no longer afraid to be single even if they are in the 30s or even late 30s, early 40s. I think it comes with the independence and strength of a modern-day woman. I am pleased to be surrounded by powerful women who work their a** off to make a living and buy their own house. I am one of them and I am proud.

If you ask me how my heart is doing, well nothing has changed. It still holds the memories I've shared with the same person I have been longing for. Although I have come to terms with the distance and the possibility of not seeing each other. Nonetheless, I am happy for him and all that he has achieved. He is doing well now, he is able to accomplish a lot of his goals. I am extremely proud of him. I will always be the his silent cheerleader, always have - always have been.

Wow, I am turning 30!


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