Entry: Farewell, 2014 Thursday, January 01, 2015

I am currently thinking of ways on how to start this blog and I must admit I don’t know how to. A lot of things happened to me this year that I must say that I am definitely getting older. The experiences I am having lately are definitely of a different level and I thank the Lord for not leaving me.

2014 has been challenging for me and my family. We had a few drama episodes that led to me and mom leaving the house for a while. To set the record straight, I demanded to leave the house and not my mom. She wanted to stay but I told her its not going to happen, we’re leaving and that’s it. Nonetheless, the issue has been resolved we’re back to where we belong. Home is where the heart really is.

2014 also brought happiness and a lot of surprises to me. I’ve meet a lot of new people, gained new friends and lost others. Regardless, life has been beautiful. I’ve learned a lot from work. I’ve learned lessons that made me realize that I deserve everything that I had, have and will be having. J Unfortunately, I am getting more addicted to going to work! Ack!

Love has yet to happen this year (haha) yes, I have yet to get him back or find someone else. I guess, my love life is at TBD status. I am planning on doing things right this year, I believe it’s my year to prepare for that one great love. I think he’s waiting for me, I know he is. For some reason, I believe that we are an unfinished business; our ending happens once the wedding starts. (naks)

Happy 2015 everyone! I wish everyone happiness, peace of mind and love.

God Bless y’all.



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