Entry: My secret love affair Tuesday, March 25, 2014

 These recent years have been the most colorful years of my life. I am proud to say that I’ve loved, loving and will love someone who made me see life and love at a different perspective. I am not perfect, the same way the he is not perfect, but our imperfection made our bond grow stronger. We hit it off well, we were stuck like glue and everything seemed so right. We started out as partners in crime then turned into each other’s confidant. We’ve asked for each other’s opinion when it comes to critical decisions.


Love comes to us unexpectedly. I guess, that is the beauty of it, you’ll never know when it strikes. When it (love) hits you, you have to decide if you ready to risk it all. It is never easy to risk everything and be ready to be hurt. Love is patient, Love is kind, and love is all that it can be and more. It’s up to us how we manage our lives when we realize love has stayed or if love has gone away.


I’ve learned to love and not be loved in return, but I guess, the friendship we have is what makes me hold on for so long. I can’t lose a friend in the process of forgetting him. I guess, I have to learn to be a friend and to see him as a friend. I am happy for everything that he has achieved and will be achieving so far, I am proud of him. I may not be his main cheerleader, but I will always be at the sidelines. I’ll be watching him as he turns into the man he’s destined to be. I know that he’s going to be more than he can ever be and more. The faith that he has exhibited is a good example for his future family.


I am starting to accept that I will never be a part of his life. I will forever be his good friend. The girl who never fails to stand by his side when he needs an ally, confidant and adviser during the tough times. He’ll forever be the dude who started it all.


Life without love is sad and yet safe. Nonetheless, I’d rather be sad than always be safe.

I am learning and beginning to take it one day at a time. I am still hurting though, but I know I’ll get better someday. I will, big girl na ko eh.



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