Entry: Adieu, 2012 Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 is about to bid us farewell. As I look at how everything went down this year, I am happy that I made it out ALIVE. :)

2012 has been a challenging year for me and my family. From my dad's hospitalization last February to my mom's 2nd degree burn last November, we managed to live yet another year - we're still here boy! We couldn't have done it without our one and only Father, He never let his children down. I never felt that I was alone for I know He is there standing right next to me. I found strength I never knew I had, the kind that helped me through all the tough times and help me through. 2012 brought me down to my hands and knees quite a few times but God was always there to lift me up. I was never alone. :)

2012 was a year of learning. I learned that there are people who care for me. :) (way more than what I thought) I learned that I can actually find sweetness in the most unexpected places. I learned that I am strong, strong as anyone can be and may be even stronger than you ;)

I am thankful for everything that transpired this year. I am welcoming 2013 with the fact that I have my entire family with me. We made it out strong and healthy. I am thankful for all the wonderful people who made my year truly colorful. To my wonderful friends, who made life even more inspiring and worth living – thank you.  

Everything that happened to us this year are all WORTH IT.
Thank you Father, You never left me. Never leave for the rest of my life, okay? :)





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