Entry: I am lost Monday, June 25, 2012

I am lost in all my emotions. I used to feel like I am ready to let go, now, I am at that point wherein I donít feel like doing it. I owe myself happiness, and I get that when I am with that person who is hurting me the most. I must say, this is not a good feeling. I donít even know what and how to feel. I am beginning to doubt my feelings and just leave. However, every time I feel like moving on, he keeps on pulling me back. Just like what I used to say, one step forward, two steps back.

I am back where I started. I thought I was ready to move on and live my life the way I used to. Now, I am back to my old dilemma and that feeling of Ďhopeí that this whole saga will turn into a happy ever after kind of story. What should I do? I honestly donít know.

I am back to square one.

I am torn.

Heís back. I hate it; he knows how to make me feel better. He knows what to do and what to say, every single time.


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